Catering FAQs

When you come in to pick-up a catering order it will take time to collect your items, check-out, and load the items into your car. You may want to give us an earlier pick-up time to ensure that you get out of the store at the time you need. During busy times (Holidays, Graduations, Communions, etc.) it may take longer to get your order based on how many people are in front of you in line and how big your order is.

How far in advance should I place my order?

All items can be ordered up to 48 hours in advance- for earlier pick-up please call in your order directly to our store at 678-403-1603. Whenever possible we try to accommodate emergency situations, just call ahead. Be aware that during peak seasons (Holidays, Graduations, Communions, etc.) we may be booked and unable to take more orders, so we suggest ordering as soon as you can to ensure your get just what you want. All changes made during peak seasonal hours require 48 hours notice.

If I need to change my catering order, what is the latest I need to let you know by?

IMPORTANT: Once an order has gone through you cannot cancel it. Your order gets processed immediately and gets sent to each respective department for immediate attention.

Should I pick-up my catering order hot or cold?

If you choose pick up your food hot, the food should be served immediately. You may set the food on a chaffing set with sternos; this will keep the food warm for 2 hours. If you pick up your food cold you must keep it refrigerated until ready to heat. Remember to allow enough time (at minimum one hour) to heat up your food before your event starts.
Food Safety Notice: Sterno fuel is used to keep your food warm; it is canonot used to heat up cold food. If not specified, food will be cold at time of pick-up.

Will your party trays and pans fit into my refrigerator and/or oven?

Use the table below to determine:
Round Trays: Small- 12” Diameter, Medium-16” Diameter, Large-18” Diameter
Aluminum Pans: Small- 13’ X 10 ½’ X 2 ½’ , Medium- 21’ X 13’ X 2 ½’ ,Large- 21’ X 13’ X 3 ½’

How long does it take to heat up my food and at what temperature?

Pre-heat your oven. Remove any plastic wrap from pan. Keep lid covered and use chart below:
Set Oven @ 350 degrees
Pasta Vegetables Meat
Small Pan 30 minutes 25 minutes 30 minutes
Medium Pan 40 minutes 30 minutes 45 minutes
Large Pan 60 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes
All times approximate, time may vary based on your oven.